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Our story was inspired by one and created by three. Gods graffiti is the culmination of a vision to create a meaningful t-shirt line that inspires others to connect to the Bible and share His message through love, comfort and style.


Love is Louder...

Kristen Christensen

We decided to write a blog to share a bit more of our vision with you all. God's Graffiti is so much more than a pretty shirt.  It all came together after seeing one too many "generic" tees at yoga classes.  We wanted what we wore to connect to love, kindness, peace, forgiveness, prayer and ultimately God.  So that's how our idea grew. We are constantly thinking about what a shirt should say; reading passages, listening to songs and praying about it.

Our newest shirt, Love is Louder...happened to fall upon us in the most interesting way. It felt very personal almost as if it was being handed to us. One of the GG owners was driving to a flower shop. She had heard about this store and couldn't wait to check it out. But when she got there they unfortunately had to close early.  She pulled out of the parking lot and did a u-turn to head home. As she turned around,  there was a telephone box with graffiti on it. The words "love is louder" written across it.  She called her co-workers and said "ok I have our next shirt idea."

We all truly felt like the idea was placed in our hands. To share and wear. And spread the message that LOVE is truly greater than any fear or hate.

We hope you love louder..xo